Busby Marou Live @ Judy’s Place

Millie Tizzard Live @ Judy’s Place

Neighbour Live @ Judy’s Place

Ryan Keen Live @ Judy’s Place

I’ve been recording a song live at each Judy’s Place, and mixing it in the studio. What an honour to record Ryan Keen!

Monitor Engineer for Busby Marou and Darren Middleton


Did monitors for a full house show at Eatons Hill. I told Darren Middleton that he was playing at the first gig I ever went to as he walked on stage, got me all emotional!

Technical Production Manager for Fresherome


I’ve been organising PA and lights for some large events recently. This one was for a UQ college event.

Sound Engineering in the Queensland Conservatorium Theatre

IMG_1210Here’s the view I had from behind the console at the Queensland Conservatorium Theatre. What a spectacular looking and sounding venue! In theatre productions, the stage manager reads sound, stage, and lighting cues through the talkback system. If you forget what is happening next, there’s always someone whispering in your ear to remind you which is great!

Sound Engineering for DeepBlue 

IMG_1206I mixed an exhilarating performance for contemporary string act DeepBlue in this massive venue (even Campbell Newman was there!). There was stilt-walking, unicycling and crazy dancing happening all while playing violins, cellos, and double basses. My job was to mix the nine-piece act as this was happening, with each member wirelessly sending signal from their instruments, and receiving a mix in their in-ear monitors.

Live Sound for Odyssey

IMG_1175I did sound for Odyssey recently, who are one of Australia’s top corporate bands. They are a well-oiled machine and a pleasure to work with.

Recording Guitars at The Palace

Guitars at The PalaceI‘ve been working on a very exciting EP recently. The artist is a secret for now, but keep your ears open.

Tour of Central Queensland as Live Engineer

Me on a rock

Mount IsaI’ve been touring around Central Queensland as a Live Engineer for a world music band. We went to Mount Isa, Cloncurry, Boulia, Winton and Longreach. I got to work with some fantastic musicians and employ some bush sound engineering tricks to keep the shows alive!

Lecturer for Griffith University’s Creative Music Technologies 1 CourseCanterbury-College1-500x350

I was the lecturer for Griffith’s Creative Music Technologies 1 course held at Canterbury College school this Semester. I taught digital media, songwriting, and digital music creation during the weekly class.

Caitlin von Berky Live in the Studio

Caitlin performing live at The Palace. No edits, no overdubs, just what you see here.

Mixing in Studio IMERSDMixing in IMERSD

Engineering at The ZooThe Zoo

More Live SoundJazz Night Gig

Engineering for Black as BlueEngineering for Black as Blue

I engineered a live recording session for indie/alternate band Black as Blue. The session was filmed so there were candles and lights everywhere – looked and sounded a treat.

Recording to TapeTape Machine at The Palace Studio

The tape machine at The Palace has been fully refurbished, so I’ve been experiencing recording to tape for the first time! It’s a lot of fun and it sounds great.

St. Helina Island Installation Project

I recently spent several days as sound crew for a walk through audio and visual installation on St. Helina Island, Moreton Bay. We set up seven venues, including this one in a crumbling ruin!

Sound Powered LED Project

After much research and experimentation, I have discovered a way to turn the energy of audible sound into light.

In this project, I wired 98 piezoelectric microphones to power 32 LED lights using only the energy of sound. Together, my colleagues and I connected this to a MIDI controlled exercise bike to make an interactive sound installation.

For full details of the project, visit

Rin McArdle – The Island

Here’s a live tune of Rin McArdle’s that I mixed last week. I met Rin on tour as sound engineer for The Strums, and was blown away by the size of the voice that came out of someone so short! Since then I’ve been mixing her live and we’ve been recording in the studio (where she made me cry with an incredibly powerful song that she wrote on the spot). We’re also making exciting plans for things to come!

The Australian Voices – We Apologize

I was fortunate to record this project with The Australian Voices this year. Very cool stuff!

How To Spell Dubstep

I did the music for this short gag animation by WillVa. Received the daily 3rd place medal on the NewGrounds website, and was front-paged for a couple of weeks!

A Shiny Minecraft Tale

An animation by WillVa that I did the soundtrack to. Received daily 2nd place and weekly 5th place on the NewGrounds website. Over 4 million views on YouTube as well.