Here are some papers I wrote during my degree in sound wizardry:

A Mobile Augmented Reality Audio System for Interactive Binaural Music Enjoyment – Steven Thornely
I recently submitted this thesis for my Bachelor of Music Technology with Honours degree. In this paper, I detail the Design Research process involved in my invention of the ‘Mobile Augmented Reality System for Music’.

Supplementary Perceptual Effects of 1176 Compression – Steven Thornely
This paper explores the hypothesis that the famous 1176 compressor can create a perceptual impact on stereo width, depth, and spectral intensity of recorded audio.

The Authenticity Paradigm – Steven Thornely
Is classical music more authentic than electronic music? Several versions of authenticity and how they are important to culture and academia are discussed here.

A Methodological Scrutiny of Music Thinking – Steven Thornely
Ideas about what music is and what it means are investigated to respond to the question: Can a person who cannot play music in real time be considered a musician?

Should Music Be Free – Steven Thornely
Internet technologies have undoubtedly disrupted the paradigm that once dictated the value of music. This paper questions the worth of music, and suggests possibilities of how it should be traded in the future.

The Impact of Computer Music Technlogy on Music Production – Steven Thornely
This paper explores how computer music technology has influenced the art of composition.

The Impact of Computer Technology on World Music – Steven Thornely
Technology has created a globalization of music and culture. The intersection between globalization and world music is investigated here.

An Analysis of ‘Amazing Grace’ – Steven Thornely
Amazing Grace is said to be the most famous song of all time. This song is critically analysed here to answer the question of why it has stood the test of time.

The Downfall of The Rocket Network – Steven Thornely
The Rocket Network was a website that pioneered the concept of real-time online music creation. Reasons why the website no longer exists are investigated here, and futures of this technology examined.