Studio Production

I am a music producer working out of The Palace studios in Brisbane, Australia.  My goal is to create recordings unique to each artist, and position my clients for commercial success.

Feel free to take five and listen to some of my productions:

Dami Im – Sound of Silence

A Very Naughty Christmas – A Santa-Mental Time

Lachlan Hawkins – One Adjustment Away

Nate Sapian – Presence of Mind

Georgia Mae – Fools

Georgia Mae – Girl Next Door

Christian Patey feat. Isabel – Better Way

Christian Patey – This

Christian Patey – High

Christian Patey – Can’t Get Enough

Christian Patey – Is This Real

It was such a pleasure working on my first tune with Christian Patey. This one was premiered by Richard Kingsmill on Triple J as well as featured by Dom Alessio, and has now been added to rotation on Double J.

Isabel – Stay

The follow up to Isabel’s first single, which has now reached over 8 million plays on Spotify. In this one, I got to create a psycho-acoustic effect called a Sheppard tone, where it sounds like the scale is constantly falling, yet never reaches the bottom. Keep an ear out in the bridge! It was premiered on Home and Hosed, and featured by Richard Kingsmill himself on 2016 with Richard Kingsmill.

Georgia Mae – Move

I’m very excited about this new one from Georgia. It’s a real frenzy production wise, and a chance to show off heaps of cool tricks! This was premiered by Home and Hosed on Triple J.

VRS.US – Love Me (feat. Rosaye)

I’ve been working on a few tracks with Tom from VRS.US recently. I recorded the vocals for this one and helped with the production and arrangement.

Georgia Mae – Time With You 

Time With You became a Triple J favorite in 2016 after being added to full rotation and landing Georgia on the Hitlist for months! This track was also played on Sea FM, marking my first spin on commercial radio.

Isabel – Fences

For Isabel’s first track, we explored a sophisticated yet minimal take on neo-soul. We were thrilled and surprised by the response – the track was picked up by Triple J and Triple J Unearthed, was listed in the top ten most blogged about tracks on the internet by Hypemachine, and was featured in the fresh finds playlist on Spotify. This one has had over 7 million plays on Spotify now!

Meredith – Levels

Here’s Meredith’s brand new track, produced, co-written, mixed and mastered by me. One of my favourites so far. Alongside Triple J spins, this track made it into the viral top 50 chart in the UK on Spotify, and has seen over 660 000 Spotify plays. We were so thrilled to see such a huge organic reaction without the help of a label!

Georgia Mae – Keeper of the Key

I’m very excited to have Keeper of the Key as my third track to get played on Triple J! Georgia’s tune has also been added to Triple J Unearthed rotation, and been featured on the Unearthed playlist for best tracks of the week. This track was nominated for a Queensland Music Award (QMA), and Georgia was also nominated for the most promising female songwriter QMA – congrats Georgia!

Meredith – Jumpin’ Beds

I’ve been working with Meredith for a couple of years now, and we’ve been developing her sound considerably as we go. Triple J ‘jumped’ on this one, with airplay that included a spin on breakfast radio, and a spot on a Triple J Ad.

CJ Stephens – Look Around

Cam and I spent half the day jumping on an old door to record this one. The stomps turned out pretty huge!